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· Commercial Loan
· Financing Lease
· Guarantee Business
· Insurance
· Letter of Credit
· Bills Dispute

Real Estate
· Real Estate Development
· Property Transaction and Mortgage
· Investigation and Evaluation
· Bid Invitation and Tender
· Contract and Subcontract of Construction Project
· Bank Loan, Mortgage and Buy-Back
· Proprietary Registration and Mortgage Registration
· Property Management

Intellectual Property
· Trademark Investigation, License, Transfer and Protection
· Patent Investigation, License, Transfer and Protection
· Copyright Investigation, License, Transfer and Protection
· Unfair Competition Investigation and Prevention
· Business Secret Protection

· Brand Scheme and Protection
· Franchise Protection
· Intellectual Property Litigation and Arbitration
· Anti-piracy Investigation
· Providing Scheme and Strategy for Intellectual Property Protection

Corporate and Securities
· Corporate Establishment, Merger, Division and Reorganization
· Corporate Stock Reconstruction, Acquisition and Merger
· Stock Transfer
· Dissolution, Bankruptcy and Liquidation
· Option Plan Designing
· Risk Investment
· Demarcation of Property Ownership and Settlement of Ownership Dispute
· Resources Allocation and Realignment
· Venture Capital

· Bidding and Tendering for Project Investment
· Project Finance
· Contracting and Subcontracting Overseas Projects
· BOT and ABS Projects

Foreign Investment and Trade
· Advice and Legal Documents for Equity Joint Ventures, Cooperative Joint Ventures and Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises
· Counseling on Labor and Employment Issues, Various PRC Tax Issues, and Import and Export Rules and Regulations
· Overseas Financing and Investment
· Dispute Resolution
· Liquidation of Foreign Investment
· Advice on the Entry and Exit Strategy of Foreign Businesses

Criminal Services
· Meeting with the Criminal Suspect and the Accused Party
· Providing Advise to Criminal Suspects
· Applying for a Meeting with the Suspects, a Guarantor Pending Trial, a Appeal or Accusation
· Defense for the Accused Party in the Court
· Acting as Representative to the Private Prosecutor and the Accused Party
· Acting as Representative to the Party of the Case

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