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The lawyer Chenlihua acted for D&H law firm successfully to deal with the copyright dispute about Olympics "Fuk Doll"
2007-10-18 9:41:05
A good many people have concerned about the copyright dispute recently of Olympics "Fuk Doll" which acted successfully by the lawyer Chenlihua and the apprentice lawyer Liuzhilin in our law firm.
On June 15, 2007, the plaintiff Zhang Xiao, Dingyan brought an accusation against the "Fuk Doll" creative team leader HanMeilin to Beijing Dongcheng District People's Court and asked for the confirmation about the artistic art of mascot which offered by Hanmeilin to The Beijing Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games(BOCOG)is adapted by the du Immediately, the defendant Han Meilin authorized the senior partner Chen Lihua and her assistant Liu Zhilin in our law firm as the case agent.
On September 29,2007, the court made a adjudication to dismiss the plaintiff litigation by way of judgment. Now the case is in the appeal stage.
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