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U.S. Speaks of Improvement of Chinese Product Safety
2007-9-20 15:21:57
 2007-09-19 00:32:25     Xinhua
The fact that recent extensive internal reviews and re-tests following the toy recalls in the United States have led to few further recalls indicated standards are being met, a U.S. product safety expert said Tuesday.
Speaking at a product safety conference in China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Brenda Jacobs, a senior lawyer specializing in trade law, said she saw "silver lining" for the manufacturers amid the intensive recalls of items "made in China."
"Many companies are conducting internal reviews and re-tests," she said, "but few are leading to recalls -- indicating that standards are being met."
The recalls, which have led to a crisis of confidence about items made in China and prompted the U.S. congress and government to act, could be a chance for the manufacturers to demonstrate the quality and compliance of their products, she said.
Jacobs also noted that businesses and governments are collaborating to enhance control measures and investing more resources in product safety.
The Hong Kong government has been working proactively with the industry to upgrade production process as one of the measures to deal with the issue, said Jeffrey Lam, chairman of the Toys Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.
Lam said he expected the pressure on Chinese manufacturers to increase ahead of next year's presidential election in the United States, adding that the conference Tuesday was one of the efforts by the Hong Kong government to deal with the issue.
The conference was organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and saw hundreds from governments, industry and the field of product safety.
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