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Human resources

D&H law firm is in possession of a high-quality lawyers team, which mainly deals with the company legal affairs, corporate restructuring, high-end criminal proceedings, real estate, intellectual property, foreign-related business, in addition, is in possession of flexible and relaxed cooperation system, convenient traffic, advanced equipment, favorable office environment. In order to satisfy D&H law firm legal business rapid development requirements, we will invite talented people to join our law firm, some job-seekers who are up to the following qualifications please submit your resume to our law firm via e-mail! (
Allowances lawyers
Nature of work: full-time
Minimum Education: undergraduate course
Work experience: 3 years
Salary range: income-generating commissions system
Foreign language requirements: open - end
Number of recruitment : 3
Job requirements:
1, legal profession, bachelor degree or above
2, practitioners who have acquired a lawyer¡¯s practice certificate and have more than three years work experience;
3, have a good team spirit and coordination capacity;
4, lawyers who have special skills in a professional field take priority.

Lawyer assistant
Nature of work: full-time
Minimum education: undergraduate course
Work experience: Open-end
Salary range: Negotiable
Foreign language requirements: English proficiency
Number of recruitment: 2
Job requirements:
1, lawyers who are in possession of Certificate of legal professional qualification or have passed judicial examination take priority;
2, lawyers who have work experience in law firm or corporate take priority;
3, English fluency, CET - 6 above;
4, lawyers who are responsible for the works with due diligence and could withstand greater pressures.

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